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Research #5 June 25, 2009

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            This week for my google alert I had quite a few laughs and enjoyed reading about ‘the bartender of the week.” It is a profile about Sonny Skrakowski, bartender at the Magnolia Theater. I enjoyed reading his likes and dislikes about being a bartender. I also thought that his story about the craziest thing that ever happened was really funny and worth reading, even if you are not a bartender.

            Like Skrakowski, I have also had an experience with a patron who was deaf and mute.  My story was a little more embarrassing than his, let’s just say, I wish I knew of his hearing loss before the situation of serving him the wrong drink three times! (Never took the hint that he had wrote it down and thought he was a drunken fool playing games with me).

            The article from Dallas Bartender Examiner was informative about, not only the bartender, but the experience of bartending in general. The questions directed about the people you meet, what you learn about people and what you enjoy (or not) about meeting new people on a daily basis. Bartending has taught me various different aspects about people and behavior and it was nice to read how someone shares my passion for this facet of the job. 

            As I have probably stated about a hundred times in the semester so far, bartending is so much more than pouring drinks. You can read the job description of a bartender in any handbook of any restaurant or bar and still be lost.  This sort of stuff isn’t written, you have to figure it out with experience and desire.

            One part of the article that I won’t soon forget is a quote on developing personal style.

            “You have to excel at mixology, psychology, astrology, and sexology,” says Skrakowski. “You have to be a sports commentator, a weather forecaster, a matchmaker, fight breaker, bet taker, and a clown.”


7 Responses to “Research #5”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I loved the article on Skrakowski and how he was inducted into the Bartender Hall of Fame. Who knew there was such a thing? What struck me in the article on Skrakowski was his maintaining a following. I only worked every other Saturday at the dive bar, but a lot of my customers knew my schedule and would stop by at least for one. Some couples only had babysitters planned for the Saturday that I worked. These people were not friends of mine prior, we just became friends.

    This past Friday night, I ran into a guy who used to frequent the dive bar I used to work at. We called each other by our first names (as I did not give out my last name and I never really knew anyone else’s last name) and caught up like old friends. We shared stories of the good old days when him and his two buddies would stop by when I was working. He even said I was that bar’s best bartender. Believe me, him and his friends were a handful that I had to pleasantly deal with. It’s funny how you become friends with people from bartending.

    Then, Saturday night, I was at a party and a guy I didn’t really remember asked if I went to Shippensburg University, was a runner and bartended at Maxie’s? I couldn’t believe that someone remembered all those details about me because I used to try and learn more about the patrons.

    Some people might look down on someone being just a bartender, but it is much more than a job. If you like people and do take an honest concern about people, you will be rewarded with friendship and good tips.

  2. Marci Says:

    Hi Chrissy,

    It looks like your finding alot about bartending. I never really thought that much about it but your interviews are really interesting and its making me think of bartenders differently.

    I found this blog from the Baltimore Sun but I am not sure how recent it is. Its a blog about a bartending contest at Power Plant live. Thought maybe if it hasnt passed already you could find some intersting interviews there.

    Good luck!

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  4. Awis Mranani Says:

    Hi Christine,

    Yes! We did a good job in the research class.

    Anyway, the article about Sonny Skrakowski is a good one for you because you can take those questions and ask those exact questions to the bartenders for your story. You can even make notes of how do you want to write the story, so you can develop those questions toward what you are looking for.

    I have never been to a bar and have a chat with a bartender, but from what I’ve seen in movies, bartenders are usually good listeners and talkers. I think that Skrakowski made a good comment that a bartender should have an interesting personality and probably should be smart. If a bartender has no interesting personality and no knowledge about anything then he or she will not be able to interact with the patrons.

    To me, what makes bartending sounds very interesting is how the bartenders can meet different people. I mean, Skrakowski have met famous people. Good network can be built by meeting different people. So, probably being a bartender can lead a person to something more like other jobs. Maybe, if he or she loves bartending so much, he or she can get a bartending job at other places that are more popular or have higher quality.

    (216 words)

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