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Three subects for project May 28, 2009

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There are three ideas that I found interesting in researching for the project.  The first idea was to find out details about the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore (GLCCB). I wanted to plan interviews with the people who are involved in outreach programs and find out more about what they do. I recently learned that the organization was one of the largest in the country. Judging the small size of Baltimore, I found this to be interesting and quite shocking. There are important events, such as Gay Pride, and Human Rights Campaigns activities during the month of June.  I was going to attend such events and document the participation of the members of the GLCCB.

The second idea was to research the Patterson Park neighborhood. The community has improved, esthetically as well as economically in recent years. I wanted to talk to local business owners, members of the Patterson Creative Alliance, as well as members of the Baltimore Sports and Social Club. These groups rely on the park on a daily basis. Whether it is kickball league on a weekend afternoon, a softball league on a weeknight, a festival held by the Patterson theatre, or just local residents getting some exercise, the park is utilized more than I had imagined. I also wanted to incorporate crime statistics for the area.

Initially, I had overlooked the possibility of researching what I presently do for a living. My third idea has to do with the world of bartending. At first glance, I did not think that I could find anything interesting enough to research, I was wrong. There are so many fellow bartenders that have such interesting stories. The research goes further than just their daily life as a bartender. I am going to interview some of the most entertaining and exciting people I know. So many have entered competitions, created fun and charming atmospheres where they work, and these people can really draw a crowd. Why not find out more about them? I want to know what their lives are like when they are away from speed pouring, telling jokes, wiping up messes, and screaming “last call.”


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  1. amrana1 Says:


    I think you have three good ideas. However, I like your second idea better. I think that it will be easier for you to develop that one topic into three written stories and one multimedia package story. I’m not sure how our professor think about your story ideas but I think what you have mentioned are very promising. If you want, you can always narrow your focus down. For example, you can talk about the economic development only by covering different businesses or you can talk more about community involvement in the area — to not combine different focuses. In my opinion, the story ideas you have mentioned are very good. So, I don’t think you need to make it harder by making them too narrow.

    In my opinion, the bartending idea could be a good one but you have to be very careful in writing your stories. It might be hard to make each story unique because you are going to write about three different bartenders. However, if you are sure about this topic, go for it! I’m sure the stories would be very interesting.

    For the first idea, what is your main topic? Also, what would be your story ideas for that topic? Our professor said that we should avoid picking an organization as the main topic. Also, if all of your stories are based on events, they will become out of date. So, you might want to write something that can last. You might want to rethink your main topic and then you can use the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore (GLCCB) in one of your story.

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  2. michelleshry Says:

    I think your topic on bartending will provide a lot of interesting stories. I also have bartended. My first experience was when I was completing my undergraduate degree at Shippensburg University. The bar I worked for only had a beer license, so it was very easy. It was a great experience and I was able to make some drinking money for the nights I did not have to work.

    Once I graduated and started working at FOX43, I picked up a side job of bartending at a place that did have the full liquor license. My training was done all in house and I have lots of stories (not sure how many are fit for print). Let me know if you need any interviews on someone with no formal training.

    Also, since you are looking at the different competitions, when I was at FOX43, I did have to judge a local T.G.I. Friday’s charity bartenders competition. I’m not sure if Friday’s still holds there competitions, but that might be a resource to check.

    Good luck,

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